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What can I expect?

Before a TMS treatment, you will be asked to remove any magnetic-sensitive objects, such as jewelry, metal piercings, credit cards.  You might also be required to wear earplugs since the machine makes clicking sounds, similar to those of an MRI machine.  The treatment does not require any sedation or general anesthesia so you will be fully awake and alert throughout the therapy session.
Your first TMS session usually takes 2 hours and includes taking measurements to make sure that the TMS coil is positioned correctly over your head.  The physician and/or TMS technician will administer several pulses to determine your motor threshold, or enough power until there is movement on the fingers of your right hand. This one-time process allows your TMS settings to be personalized, ensuring that adequate energy or pulses is given to stimulate your brain cells.  Once completed, the TMS coil will be placed on your head, and the treatment begins.   While in session, you can listen to music, watch a video, or just sit and relax.Subsequent sessions no longer require the motor threshold process. There is no recovery time, so after a TMS treatment, you can immediately go home and get back to your normal activities.

Each TMS session lasts about 40 minutes, and is usually given 5 days a week, for 4 to 6 weeks. However, this varies from one individual to another, depending on how you respond to TMS. We will regularly monitor and evaluate your progress so we can tailor your treatment according to your needs.